In 2015, Ledyard Garden Club installed a Bluebird trail & bluebird houses (14) in the grounds of Nathan Lester House and a bluebird house & birdbath at Ledyard Bill Library

  • Funding was provided by the Ledyard Garden Club (from proceeds from our Annual Plant Sale), grants from the Pfizer Foundation and assistance from Holdridge Garden and Homeplace​​
  • ​​In 2016, 2017  and continuing into 2018, the Garden Club will plant berry producing trees, shrubs & vines e.g. Holly, Mulberry, crabapples, honeysuckle, viburnam, blueberries, bayberry, etc to act as a food source for the birds​.

Bluebirds In Ledyard and Gales Ferry

Resources: Bluebird Fact Sheets and Nest Monitoring

Latest 2018 Bluebird Trail Report
2016 Bluebord Trail Nesting Record
Bluebird Trail Monitoring Calendar,
​Trail Map & Monitoring Forms

The 14 bluebird nest boxes  installed in the grounds of the Nathan Lester House are maintained and monitored by volunteers from the Ledyard Garden Club from March to September.

  • Monitor Nest Boxes 
    • ​​​Record bluebird activity
    • Remove Invasive Species
    • Protect from predators
  • Maintain
    • Repair damaged boxes
    • Clean nest boxes
    • Remove old nests
    • Remove problem insects - paper wasps, ants, blowflies