The 14 bluebird nest boxes  installed in the grounds of the Nathan Lester House are maintained and monitored by volunteers from the Ledyard Garden Club from March to September.

  • Monitor Nest Boxes 
    • ​​​Record bluebird activity
    • Remove Invasive Species
    • Protect from predators
  • Maintain
    • Repair damaged boxes
    • Clean nest boxes
    • Remove old nests
    • Remove problem insects - paper wasps, ants, blowflies
  • ​​In 2016 and continuing into 2017, the Garden Club will plant berry producing trees, shrubs & vines e.g. Holly, Mulberry, crabapples, honeysuckle, viburnam, blueberries, bayberry, etc to act as a food source for the birds​.
Latest Bluebird Trail Report
2016 Bluebord Trail Nesting Record

In 2015, Ledyard Garden Club installed a Bluebird trail & bluebird houses (14) in the grounds of Nathan Lester House and a bluebird house & birdbath at Ledyard Bill Library

  • Funding was provided by the Ledyard Garden Club (from proceeds from our Annual Plant Sale), grants from the Pfizer Foundation and assistance from Holdridge Garden and Homeplace​​

Bluebirds In Ledyard and Gales Ferry

Resources: Bluebird Fact Sheets and Nest Monitoring

Bluebird Trail Monitoring Calendar,
​Trail Map & Monitoring Forms