Civic & Community SERVICE

  • Provide many service hours in planting, care & maintenance of public gardens in the Community

  • The Organization & individual members work to improve the beauty & ecological health of the Community

 $4000 will be Donated to Support Local Civic & Community Projects in 2018/19

  • Annual scholarship(s) to a Ledyard student(s) &/or attendee of Ledyard High School

  • Support the Agri-Science Department, Ledyard High School

  • Care of community & civic gardens

    • Nathan Lester House, Bill Library Gardens, Ledyard Senior Center, Ledyard Center, Gales Ferry Firehouse, Gales Ferry Library Flower Pots, Gales Ferry Memorial Parklet

  • Holiday wreaths for civic buildings

  • Ledyard Food Pantry

    • 2018: Donated  veggies and herbs grown by Club Members in the H.O.P.E Garden)​

  • Bluebird House Trail, Nathan Lester House

  • Holiday Decorations at Nathan Lester House

  • Support Flower & Vegetable Show, Ledyard Fair

  • Local area charitable events & charities

Charitable Donations in 2018/19: $1400

  • Norwich Free Academy - Sachem Greenhouse Project

  • Ledyard Libraries - books and seed library project

  • Ledyard Senior Center​

  • Ledyard Elementary Schools

  • Ledyard High School - Vo Ag Program

  • ARC Garden on Route 117 

  • ​Avalonia Land Conservancy

​​​The Garden Club's Annual Plant Sale support our Charity Donations & Community & Civic Projects. In 2018/19 the Club will donate $4000 to community projects & scholarships

Annuals grown by Agri-Science Dept, Ledyard High School in full bloom at the Bill Library, Ledyard