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Poquetanuck Cove: An important brackish tributary of Thames River & Long Island Sound

William R. Haase IV, Small Boat Launch
  • Located on Royal Oak Drive, Ledyard & borders Poquetanuck Cove
  • Town-owned, 1/10th acre open space with car top boat launch suitable for kayaks & canoes 
  • Beautiful place to see the sunset & a great place to bird watch; ospreys are frequently seen.
  • High tide-only launch area for canoes and kayaks offering quick access to the upper area of the cove.
  • Educational site, providing information about the Poquetanuck Cove tidal estuary wildlife, & as well as being a coastal restoration demonstration project

The Boat Launch Restoration Project (see below for Photos)
  • The restoration was performed by the joint efforts of Ledyard Garden Club & Ledyard Conservation Commission
  • Under-utilized resource due to severe overgrowth of invasive trees, shrubs & vines that limited access to site & blocked views of Poquetanuck Cove
  • Non-point pollution & chemical run-off from mown yards was a concern in the area

LGC & LCC Work Parties in Spring, Summer & Falls 2013

  • Removed impenetrable overgrowth of invasive plants, such as bittersweet, multiflora rose, black locust & autumn olive, & invasive trees along with trees too damaged from years of competition with invasive to ever recover
  • Identified & restored native plant species already at site
  • Introduced at least 20 additional salt tolerant native plant shrubs & perennials to increase plant density and diversity in coastal buffer area.  New plantings include low and high bush blueberry, sweetfern, wild bergamot,  sheep laurel & wild strawberry along with many others
  • Watered and mulched plants & continued to control invasives
  • Created walking paths and labeled plants for visitors

Partnerships & Funding

  • Funded in part by the CT DEEP through a US EPA Clean Water Act Section 319 Nonpoint Source Grant in conjunction with Rivers Alliance of CT Small Grant Program
  • Ledyard Parks & Recreational Dept: Purchased a park bench for the area
  • Ledyard Dept Public Works: Installed the park bench, removed brush piles/debris & donated/delivered mulch
  • Avalonia Land Conservancy: Erected educational sign at Boat Launch which informs of Poquetanuck Cove Ecosystem & its active Phragmites Eradication Program in the Cove

Poquetanuck Cove Boat Launch Restoration Project